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Pilgrimage 2017 stats


Details and some blog posts forthcoming, this summer's road trip clocks in at almost 10,000 miles. By the numbers:

  • I installed a new pop-up camper on my truck and spent 31 nights in it.
  • Visited four State Parks, two National Forests, three National Monuments, one National Recreation Area and one National Park, driving through a few more.
  • Attended the Appalachian String Band Music Festival - Clifftop - again this year.
  • Revisited the original pilgrimage, the Great Gallery in Canyonlands NP, Utah.
  • Experienced the total solar eclipse with friends in Oregon.
  • Attended Nimblefingers Music Festival and week-long workshop in Sorrento, British Columbia.
  • Saw the effects of forest fires in British Columbia, Oregon and Washington.

Stay tuned for details on my mobile design studio/camper build-out, notes on Clifftop and Nimblefingers, some legit history on the Great Gallery and anything else I remember that's worth documenting.